Lazada Malaysia

ACTIVITI Jan 2011 – Mei 2011

Quite a while I leave my blog, because of the non-stop work activities .The very early of 2011, I began with theater acting entitle 'DARULHANA' , followed by making an ethnic tribes of Sarawak songs video klips, with program entitle "Rhythm Hornbill," produced by The First Film Sdn.Bhd and acted as Assistant Director. Then, acting in a TV Series drama from an Iban community entitled "PENYAYAU Kumang" . for a special screening Gawai day, Love for the tribe Dayak Sarawak, acting in TV drama 13-episode "VALUE OF LOVE Diana ' produced by The Citra Ummah Networks, and my last job/acting (may 2011) was acting in a telemovie entitle "Kanang" produced by Niscam Media Sdn.Bhd, and directed by Zulkefli .M.Osman..

In addition, the slit between certain dates pending the start activities above, I am also busy with the activities of the facilitator and MC (dejay). Making program at the Miri City, Identity Motivations with SK and SMK Agama Miri. And finally MC (dejay) to Malaysian Craft Promotion at the Miri Heritage Art Center organized branch of the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation to 17Mei -25Mei 2011.

There are some jobs still under discussion. Among a foreign productions that are likely to make shooting in Sabah, to my service as a local Scouting locations manager and drama 26 episodes of local companies malaysia, acting and assistant director. Hope all is well and simplified all things.

Recording telemovie "Kanang" directed by Zulkefli M. Osman, produced by NISCAM Media Sdn. located in Kpg.Sejingkat, also a village of fishermen on the coast of Sarawak.

Recording a 13-episode drama "Love VALUE Diana ' directed by Md.Noor Bujang , and produced by The  Citra Ummah Networks, located in Kpg.Bako, a village of the coast of Sarawak Fishermen coastlands

Recording special drama for Gawai "PENYAYAU Kumang" directed by Nued Othman, produced by The Film Sdn.Bhd, located in Betong Sri Aman.Sarawak

Recording the "rhythm of the Hornbill" klips video for the song of the ethnic Sarawak.

Playing as "Zuki" village gangster in Musical Theatre "DARULHANA" directed by AB.NOOR staged in Kuching Sarawak.