'WARIS PAWANG BUAYA" directed by: TS.Jeffry

A telemovie "WARIS PAWANG BUAYA" produced by Panggung Wayang Sdn.Bhd. and directed by TS.Jeffry,  telemovie that show many violent scenes of the crocodile in the river

Me played as "PAWANG BUAYA" crocodile handler

Once in a while considering my lovely wife who has long passed

Stephanie Liah Tan plays "girl", who are victims of violent crocodile, devoured by the foot. Recordings made ​​at the Sarawak Cultural Village lakes

wahab scene wrestling with crocodiles in the river

Sunti’s leg injured…
Anding, Stephanie, May-may, and I 

another recording of "Waris Pawang Buaya" made

at the end of the story, diviner always sick

Wait for the appearance of “WARIS PAWANG BUAYA” on your TV screen later