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I,M A MALAYSIAN. BUT WHY, MY BLOG Talents and Location Scouting in Sarawak, WRITTEN IN ENGLISH?

I,M  A MALAYSIAN. BUT WHY, MY BLOG Talents and Location Scouting in Sarawak, WRITTEN IN ENGLISH?

Thanks for the question.
I’m not that fluents in my English, so at lease while writing articles, I learn my English tru my writing. Beside that, I want readers from outside Malaysia , to know that we too has a great films industries, great producers, great directors and as well as experienced films workers.

They asked me back. Is our film industries, our producers, our directors, and crew works great?
Definitely. If we as a Malaysian, not proud of our own products, our own people, our own producers, directors, etc, who else do we expect to lift our prestige MALAYSIAN  FILMS  INDUSTRY.

Again and again they keep on asking. If we are great, our films industry are great, our producer, directors are indeed great, why do we never even make such films like those The Terminator, The Matrix, Metropolis, Avatar etc?

I just smile…..you ask the authorities, not our Malaysian Films Makers. If only we want to make a film like The Terminator, The Matrix, Metropolis, Avatar, etc. We got producers like Datin Sri Tiara and Datuk Sri Affendi Nerawi, we got Datuk Yusof Haslam, David Teo, KRU and many more. 

Datuk Sri Affendi Nerawi

Datin Sri Tiara 

Datuk Yusof Haslam

David Teo

We also have great directors who has a capacity of doing into that genre, like Aziz M.Osman (XX-Ray, Senario XX), Yusry Abdul Halim (Cicakman) and many more talented new comers in this field, to meet the demand.

Aziz M.Osman

Yusri Abd.Halim

What makes our films industry, our producer, our directors  did not produced such kind of films? Cos of THE RESTRICTIONS. Too many restrictions, many of the taboo, and that’s make our films like what we are seeing continuously till now.

Now can you understand? I hope you like it.

Most important things is that, we too have our own film industry. We need not to be influenced by outsiders. It is feared that we will lose our identity. Even now, we are still looking forward, to find indentity of our own, so when asked, all of us cannot answer.

WE? Ask ourselves.  Are we contributing anything to help our film industries? If only talking bullshit, still buying pirated products, SHUT YOUR MOUTH tight. It was the best.