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The second Asean International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) will be held here in Kuching, Sarawak, from 9th April till 11th April, this year 2015.

AIFFA, which celebrates the best of films from around the Asean region and to build business-to-business networking, will kick start its programme with film business presentations, seminars and exhibitions at the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

The official opening of the festival is scheduled to take place at the Sarawak Cultural Village on April 10, which includes a marathon of films competing in Aiffa 2015 to be selected by juries comprising top film makers from the Asean region such as Uwei Saari, Philip Cheah of Singapore, Pantham Thongsang (Thailand), Phan Dang Di (Vietnam) and Latika Padgaonkar of India.

The much anticipated award night and gala dinner will be held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), where winners of the 12 categories including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Director of Photography will be announced.

“The state will play host to the second Aiffa after we first held it in 2013. Aiffa 2015 will be the first to be endorsed as a strategic event by Asean leaders.

“As the Asean chairmanship has been passed to Malaysia this year, this social event will integrate with the interest of the people in Asean’s 10-member countries.

About 150 well-known Asean and international film makers plus some 200 celebrities including those from China are expected to attend the festival and that media exposure of Sarawak and Malaysia worldwide is worth up to RM100 million.

Resulting from the two memorandum of understanding ssigned during the previous Aiffa for films to be shot in the state, was ‘Kilat’, a RM6 million production in which 30 per cent would be channelled to Sarawak and a RM12 million Hollywood production entitled ‘Bujang Senang’ where 60 per cent would be channelled back to the state and a documentary about former state and national boxer Sapok Biki would be produced.

In conjunction with the upcoming festival, a free screening of submitted movies will be held every Saturday for free at the Godown Theatre, Waterfront beginning last weekend from 7 to 11pm until 4th April.

Excerpted from news: The Borneo Post, reporter: Geryl Ogivy Ruekeith, February 17, 2015, Tuesday.

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