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INTRODUCTION Beautiful beaches and vast countryside set against the backdrop of the picturesque Gunung Gading is perhaps one of the best features of this quiet town. A sub-district of Lundu, sematan has a total area of 150km sq and is located about 127km or about one and a half hours drive from the city centre. Sematan faces the South China Sea and is usually used as a base by anglers to go sea fishing. Sematan is also home to the only silk facerm in Malaysia. A visit to Sematan town gives an impression of a scenic and peaceful environment. It is a town where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the seaside.

Located at Kampung Trusan Jayaa which is about 30km from Lundu Town and 120km from Kuching.

Homestay Program-Trusan Jaya Village, Telok Melano Village and Sungai Kilong Village
Mangrove Nature Watch
Camping & BBQ Package at Crab Farm, Kampung Trusan Jaya
River Cruise
River Fishing
Sea Fishing


Located about 110km from Kuching City.

The very rare Old Chinese Farm House

wooden bridge

Wooden bridge

And the next set of locations nearby.

Tall and long coarse grass

long coarse grass with coconut tree at background

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Padi field with Pueh Mountain background,Pueh Sematan. LUNDU

Padi field at pueh sematan, LUNDU

And the next set of locations nearby.

And the next set of locations nearby.