Lazada Malaysia

Zoragon spaceship landed in Malaysia. SENARIO XX (Malaysian Film)

Zoragon had landed his spaceship on planet Earth and stranded in a village in Malaysia


Zoragon comes from the planet Saturn. He is in charge of controlling spacecraft carrying energy from Sabra to Mars. One time, the ship suffered damage as a result of being attacked by General Zoragas and his assistant Zolidia who want to have an engine power that is stored by Zoragon. Engine power could be used as weapons and General Zoragas want to usurp the King Zaragus. General attacks Zoragas, Zoragon spaceship had landed on planet Earth and stranded in a village in Malaysia. 

The villagers are shocked by the presence of spacecraft or UFO. In the chaos that arises is, a shaman who still work cohesively as a superstition has said that the spacecraft and alien pods are ghost past incarnations using incantations to chase him. Zoragon presence on Earth have also been found with a village girl named Siti. As a result of a conflict between fiancee Siti (Rosman) with Zoragon who had been lured to the City.

Directed:                           Aziz M.Osman

Produced:                         Grand Brilliance Sdn.Bhd
In Cooperation with:           ACE Motion Pictures Sdn.Bhd
                                       Gitu Gitu Productions Sdn.Bhd

Producers:                        Ahmad Puad Onah

Executive Producer:            Lazizah Ahmad

Casting:    AZLEE JAAFAR                as            Wak Kernal
               WAHID MOHAMAD           as            Zoragon / Wan Zaman
               MAZLAN PET PET            as            Rosman
               SAIFUL APEK                  as            Jenaral Zoragas
               YASSIN YAHYA                as            Zoragon / Mattop
               NUR FAZURA                  as            Siti
               SITI FAZURINA                as            Zollida
               CHEF WAN                      as            Ayah Siti
               WAHID SATAY                 as            Tok Ketua

               ROSYAM NOR                  as            Rosyam Nor

Music:                                 Azman Abu Hassan

Cinematography:                  Ramli Long
Pereka UFO:                         Shen’s Imagineering
Equipments:                         F.E.G Enterprise Sdn.Bhd.

Locations:                            Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
                                          Pulau Indah

Year:                                   2005