Lazada Malaysia

What makes THE INTENDED of Denmark came to Sarawak, Borneo?


In the 1920s, Sarah (Janet McTeer) travels with her younger fiancé, Hamish Winslow (JJ Feild), to a small community near Borneo, an ivory trading post deep in the jungle. The influence of the couple's high hopes and obvious love for each other on the small strained group of inhabitants unleashes greed, murder and madness: a tragedy where everyone is the victim of each other's broken dreams.

The local ruler is tough matriarch Mrs. Jones (Brenda Fricker), who dominates her son William (Tony Maudsley) and nephew Norton (Philip Jackson). When a climate change causes them to become even more isolated, the family tension takes a dark turn.

Directed:                            Kristian Levring

Written:                             Janet Mc Teer, Kristian Levring.

Produced:                          IFC Filems
Production Co:                   Parallax Projekt  (Innocence )Ltd
                                        Southeast Asia Film Location Services Sdn.Bhd.

Producers:                         Malene Blenkov
                                        Patricia Kruijer

Executive Producer:            Sally Hibbin
Co-executive Producer:        Bob Berney


Janet Mc Teer              as           Sarah Morris
JJ Field                       as           Hamish Winslow
Olympia Dukakis          as           Erina
Brenda Fricker            as            Mrs. Jones
Tony Maudsley             as            William Jones
David Bradley              as            The Priest
Phillip Jackson            as           Norton
Robert Pugh                as           Le Blanc.

Music:                            Matthew Herbert

Cinematography:             Jens Schlosser

Locations:                       SARAWAK

Year:                              2004

With my Sound Mixer Mr. Stuart Wilson

few photographs of work activities recorded