Lazada Malaysia

Jessica Alba teach Iban Language to Hugh Dancy in THE SLEEPING DICTIONARY

The biggest International Film so far I’ve involved was “The Sleeping Dictionary” , shooting duration for almost six months, with a sizeable workforce which came from various countries including US, UK, Ceylon, Phillipines, India, Indonesia, Singapore and our local Malaysian productions crews.

I served under the Art Department / Costume and Wardrobe Department as Costume Maker. In “ The Sleeping Dictionary” I create an angel wings from feathers, which Jessica Alba weared in one of her scene. In addition,I’m doing lots of bead embroidery for necklaces, rotan (rattan) bracelets, etc for the ethnic group attired.


During the 1930s, British officer John Truscott (Hugh Dancy) journeys to a remote village in colonial Malaysia to educate and Westernize the local Iban population. There, he is introduced to Selima (Jessica Alba), a lovely Iban woman. In keeping with tradition, Selima is assigned to sleep with John and teach him the native language and customs. But when they begin to fall in love, both the colonists and the natives object to their plans to marry


Directed and Written by:            Guy Jenkin

Produced:                                Fine Line Features

Producers:                               Simon Bosanquet
                                              Jimmy Mulville
                                              Denise O’Donoghue

Executive Producer:                   Frank Hildebrand
                                              Mark Ordesky

Casting:                 Hugh Dancy           as            John Truscott
                            Jessica Alba           as            Selima
                            Brenda Blethyn      as            Aggie
                            Emily Mortimer      as            Cecil
                            Bob Hoskins          as            Bob Hoskins

Music:                                      Simon Boswell

Cinematography:                       Martin Fuhrer

              SARAWAK, MALAYSIA.

              Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, 
              Buntal fishing village, 
              Matang Recreation Park

Year:                                         2003

Some beautiful shot from various scenes 
and attractive locations in this film, 

see photos below:

Photos elongated, part of the production teams. 

I sat with a black t shirt, left. 

With my productions team mate, under wardrobe department.
Wearing red long pant, Penny Rose Costume Designer.