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About Me

This blog was created on the basis of wanting to share stories, experiences, and the development of the film industry in Sarawak, Malaysia and things connected therewith, through my personal point of view, after going through the experiences and my involvement in this industry since 1987.

Whatever written in this blog, the stories, activities or whatever associate with it, is the  development of my own works in this field, and personally my own view of point

With this sharing, hopefully, for those of you who contributed in the form of comments, constructive criticism and advice, I'd say my appreciation and thanks you in advance.


My name is ALI MOHAMAD. I live in the city of Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. 

Age 60 years. I’m a FREELANCER, an independent artist, an actor [ Theatre, Radio, TV and films]. Behind the scenes working as a Local Coordinator, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Art Director and others. Photography and Painting is part of my side jobs.

 Involved since 1987 until present. Involved in Local Malaysian Movie, drama, documentaries and International Films. 

Once settled in KUALA LUMPUR, and now (2009) returned to SARAWAK, continue with my career as an independent artist. 

SARAWAK, Wellknown to be The land of the The Headhunter in the past, but not now. Rich in arts and culture of various ethnic tribes. Known for their long houses, tropical forest, and is suitable for the activities of ARTS, photography, painting, movies and so forth. 

Here, in addition to acting and to work behind the scenes, we also provide Talents and Locations Scouting in Sarawak. We also provide an experienced workforce, such as liaison, coordinator, production manager and a variety of expertise is in the works of film production. 

We have a good relationship with the Sarawak State Government, officials and relevant government departments to facilitate the government. 

To you who want to make movies , documentaries, etc. in Sarawak, you’re most welcome. 
You can dip in dealing with me through my email: 


mobile: 60138197767 

wechat/Whatsapp id: alitvfilm or 60138197767

or see Google  #alitvfilm

To identify SARAWAK see google [tourist attraction in Sarawak or the beauty of Sarawak, sarawak, etc]