Lazada Malaysia


My FIRST press release, "The People Mirrow", which produce my stories, my activities, as a filemmaker in Sarawak.

Early stage - want to be somebody,wellknown, popular, glamour

some of my press clippings collections

When I was fully engaged, then I realise. sweet, sour, salty, bitter and so on, is a recipe for success that must be swallowed. Although I'm not a well established artist, nor popular, but I'm proud, because I think I've also successful. Even as a Sarawakian, base in Sarawak, I managed to survive in Malaysian  Film Industry for 27 years until today.

Now, I'm no longer thinking about glamorous, fame, or even popular. What more important is, I’ll always do my works with sincere, honest and trustworthy, cos I believe, it will be protracted, lasting.

with Art Disigner Mr. Maggie from India.

Together with Malaysia's Historian Tan Sri Aziz Tapa,
research on The History of Malacca for "Puteri Gunung Ledang" feature films.