Lazada Malaysia

Silbi, a practitioners of devil teaching who lived for hundreds of years old in FANTASIA / FANTASI (Malaysian Film)

Silbi appear every full moon to hunt virgin sipped her blood, to maintain youth and beauty of a face.

FANTASIA, produced by Teletrade  Sdn.Bhd, directed by Aziz M.Osman,  is the first Malaysian Film I involved, 1991.Acting a small part as a hallway chief and my first experienced working backstage as an assistant props. Experiences that cannot be forgotten.

Not to be forgotten, a humble director that brought me into this world (Filmmaking) the late M.Osman and his family, Bonda Afida, Aziz M.Osman and Zulkefli M.Osman.

Although I'm not a popular artists, neither being a celebrity, but I'm proud, because I still can survive to support my family a living, in the world of (Filmmaking), until now, my 27 years of involvement.

Title:                      FANTASIA / FANTASI

The original version Fantasia been banned for broadcast in 1991. This film ban lifted in 1994 after going through the editing process and given the title of fantasi.


Festival:  11th Malaysian Film Festival, 1994 (Johor)

Won the Special Jury Award - Best Cosmetics character.

Directed:                   Aziz M.Osman

Produced:                  Teletrade.Sdn.Bhd

Producers:                 Zain Mahmood

Executive Producers:   Alias Omar

                                Zahari Zain

ERMA FATIMA               as            Nora
FAIZAL HUSSEIN           as            Teruna / Rahmat
MUSTAPHA KAMAL        as            Ratu Silbi
KUZA                          as            Dara
MELISSA SAILA             as            Azreen
M.OSMAN                     as            Kana
SHAH RAHMAN             as            Gamat
ALIAS YUSOF                 as           Encik Suratman
SARIP NOOR                  as          Jack The Ripper
ALI MOHAMAD               as           Lane chief
ZARINA ZAINUDDIN         as           Melor
JD KHALID                    as           Bapa Melor
NASIR P.RAMLEE            as           En.Rahman
RAZAK RAHMAN             as           Saxophone Player
ZAIN MAHMOOD             as           Pak Samad
TS JEFFRY                     as           Reporter

Helping my Sifu M.Osman creating and making
Silbi's Costume

Take Five with Melissa Sailla and Erma Fatima
concentrate on video games

Music:                            Azman Abu Hassan

Cinematography:             Jamal Maarif

Locations:                       Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan
                                     FRIM, Lenggeng

Year:                              1994