Princess of Sarawak (PUTERI SARAWAK). The uniqueness of love.


Love is beautiful. Although it droop withered centuries, when flushing, it would be fertile again.

PUTERI SARAWAK meets  an old love story repeats itself. A professor who had come to Sarawak, was acquainted with a drummers known as  “Syeh Gendang”, in playing a Malay Traditional Drums, or Sarawak Drums, the only Malay Traditional Music which is still maintains and preserved. From the results of the meeting, they gets together and gave birth to a daughter, but they got separated for some reason, and  the child grow up in a caring of that woman.

A 13 episode TV series, produced by Magical Theater Sdn.Bhd, and directed by Hafiz Othman.

Among the Stars casting the “PUTERI SARAWAK” are Dato Rahim Razali, Rosnah Johari, Syed Ali and our local Sarawak’s talents.

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