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Unconscious and lying in the hospital for a year, but still alive after that. KANANG ANAK LANGKAU (Malaysian Film)

Willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save the dignity and sovereignty of the country.

As a Sarawak local coordinator, I am responsible for coordinating the work such as locations scouting in Sarawak, dealing with the state government, the army and so on.

Courtesy Visit with Top Military Officer

Meeting with Malaysian Senior Military Officers.

Kanang anak Langkau, is a historical film about courage and indomitable spirit of a State Hero, Kanang, defending national sovereignty and the spirit of love for the country among the soldiers. This is clearly shown through the character Kanang and his colleagues struggling to defend the homeland from communist terrorists.

On the set at Serubah Ulu Longhouse, Lubok Antu.

They are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save the dignity and sovereignty of the country. Kanang and other soldiers were so brave and enthusiastic when facing the enemy. Kanang all-out struggle against the communist terrorists. Kanang has got badly injured while fighting the communists.

Badar, Film Director, gave a short briefing.

Action....! ! !

Nevertheless, he asked his friends to continued fighting against the communists. With courage he was awarded Chief of Heroic (PGB) medals, for his contributions and his courage against the communists. In 1981, the Kanang again awarded stars courage Seri Pahlawan Workers percussion (SP).

Monitor the extras.

This film was shoot in Perak and Sarawak, and I was appointed as a Sarawak Local Coordinator.

work begins 

Produced:                              Tangan Seni Sdn.Bhd.
Producer:                              Zainal Fikri

Director:                                Bade Hj.Azmi 

Locations in Sarawak:
      Serubah Ulu Longhouse.
              Sarawak Cultural Village.

Year:                                    March 2014.

Memorable photo with the Producer En.Zainal Zakri and The Top Military Officers involved.