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THE ADVANTAGES OF MAKING FILMS in Sarawak. A Place like no others.

Practitioners and film producers in Malaysia and Abroad should not be underestimated. Try to review uniqueness and beauty of the art and culture of Sarawak, which consists of various ethnic, lives peacefully like one family, and this is some of the elements that we have. Varities of arts and cultural from differences of the ethnics, that can be added as an additional unqinueness  for documentaries or film making in Sarawak.

Apart from that, why it is not the same as elsewhere, there are hidden treasures here, in Sarawak, which causes it, the best location to make shooting in Sarawak.

There are so many interesting tourist attractions, the uniqueness of those particulars communities with in our Land of Sarawak, A Place like No Others. 

Places like the famous parks include Bako National Park, Santubong National Park, Mulu National Park, Niah Caves, Lambir Hills, Bario and Kelabit Highlands.

Our peoples, Malay, Chinese, Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu (Kayan, kenyah, kelabit, penan, punan, bisaya, murut, etc) Indian and Javanese, living together  in peace and harmony, making the most unique cultures like no others.

Even within Kuching itself, the capital city of Sarawak, we started to get a memorable experiences likes;

Places of interests include Main Bazaar, The Astana, Fort Margherita, The Square Tower, The Sarawak Museum, Main Post Office, Tua Pek Kong Temple, The Kuching Mosque, The Sarawak Steamship Building, The Islamic Museum, Chinese History Museum, The Cat Museum and many more.

Ranging from local Malaysian delicacies to Western specialties. Some other food delicacies can also be found such as Japanese, Korean and even Indonesian food.

Shopping the antique and exotic stuffs.
We have Borneo arts, crafts and curios. Other famous sought after items are authentic pottery, birdnests and fabric of variety designs.

Sarawak Cultural Village, Holiday Inn Damai Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Damai Lagoon Resort, Damai Rainforest Resort, Santubong Kuching Resort and Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort.

For those seeking a more adventurous path, whether of nature trekking or simply enjoying the tropical atmosphere, make sure not to miss these most visited spot. There are Bako National Part, Kubah National Park, Gunung Gading National Park, Semengoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation, Jongs Crocodile Farm and Matang Family Park.

And the most desirable for any company carrying on filmmaking in Sarawak, which is not similar to other places, they were unaware that they were able to reduce the cost of financing and will be profitable to the company.

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