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RENTAP the Iban warrior punished in Kuala Tahan, Pahang.

Rentap The Iban warrior.

with Zack (Rentap) and Richard Mathias

When we talk about “Rentap”  film, there is definitely a surprise. Because there are two films made in 2014 using the sama title “Rentap’. 

One, “Rentap” produced by  Double Vision Pictures, directed by Simon Long, casting Syafie Naswip, Elfira Loy and others. In this particular “Rentap”, I was not involved.

With Zack "RENTAP" the hero.

With the director Hashim Rejab

Then it is very surprised, when there are other Rentap also made, but a different genre. That was my “Rentap” the Iban Warrior, produced by Unique Twin Production Sdn.Bhd, directed by Hashim Rejab. Casting Zack X-Factor, Komeng, Livonia, Pablo, Richard marthias, Me Myself and few more artist from peninsula of Malaysia, which I’ve forgotten their name. Locations was at Kuala tahan, Pahang.

With my make-up artist

With Fablo

It is very sad and disappointed, when the producer decides to stop and not continue shooting. I do not dare to take risks, to say who is right and who is wrong. And whatever action taken, we will definitely be more discredit. And we as an artists that was not well established, and less known, will certainly leave an impression more acute. 

Pity, Only images that made the most bitter memories for us. RENTAP the Iban warrior punished at Kula Tahan, Pahang.

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