Lazada Malaysia


“Ops Daulat”  is a short drama that attempts to display the real story of Kiram terrorist aggression in Lahad Datu, Sabah in 2013.

Even thou making this drama is just taking a short period, but there was a real trajidi heartbreaking, where one of the actors from the Special Operations Force (PGA battlon 11) who act as the  followers of Kiram, has died after a boat capsized trajidi, during first day shooting  of this drama.

Productions  was stopped for two days. Then, after the bodies and some gun which also sank during the trajidi, rediscovered, then we proceed again shooting. The shooting was made at Rambongan border around the coast and also around santin, Telaga Air.

After completion of all the filming and editing, presentation connected with acting onstage at Hillton Hotel, attend by all HOD of PDRM, top officials and dignitaries.

 The Drama was published in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Police and Kenyalang Dreamworks Productions Sdn.Bhd. directed by  Shahrizan (Popepye). Involved are local Sarawak artists  Ricky Livonia, Richard Mathias and myself, in collaboration with members of the security who fought  with the invaders in Lahad Datu.

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