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VERLOREN AUF BORNEO (German Telemovie)

VERLOREN AUF BORNEO (German Telemovie)

Production Co:    ARD Degeto Film, Trebitsch Entertainment (TE)

Directed by:       Ulli Baumann

Producer:          Katharina

Producer:          Hans-Wolfgang
ARD/Degeto               Jurgan
                        Bettina Reitz
Line Producer:   Jeff Budd

Music:               Michael Klaukien
                        Andreas Lonardoni

Cinematography: Fritz Seemann

Casting:     Hannes Jaenicle         -       Alexander Kuhl
                Mirjam Weichselbraun -       Julia zu Hohenberg
                Michael Fitz                -       Dr. Depp Ochsenmeier
                Patrick Heyn              -       Felix Schmidt zu Hohenberg
                Craig Fong                 -       Sapto Setiawan
                Margarethe Parlaska   -       Botschafterin

Genres:             Adventure / comedy

Country:            Germany
Language:          German

Release date:             15 November 2012
Also Known As:           La Princesse et le baroudeur
Filming Locations:       Sarawak (Malaysia)


In order to surprise her husband, Julia travels to Hohenberg (Mirjam Vistula Brown) to Borneo, where her husband's business. Felix (Patrick Heyn), however, the visit is not quite right, because he would have preferred to stay when they visit a delicate investment project alone.

The dropout Alexander Kuhl (Hannes Jaenicke) to bring the two into a deep in the jungle palm oil plantation. As they rest in a poor village, Julia discovers a caged orangutan baby. Spontaneously trade it for her earrings. But Felix is not such understanding and a dispute arises. While her husband travels alone to continue his business meeting, want to bring the animals baby zoo to another Julia and Alexander.

On their way they encounter an illegally cleared section of forest and come under fire. Together, the two flee into the wilderness, and go to the Orangutan station of the idealistic veterinarian Dr. Ochs Meier (Michael Fitz). Alex has since fallen in love with Julia and tried to dissuade them to take action against the gangsters.

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